Compairing Apples to Androids

I am playing around on IronFish's kindle fire. I love it, it's a great toy but I can't. Decide if it is right for me. My computer is missing pieces and while it still works I would really love to have a tablet of some sort. Many of the tablet designers have attended one of the colleges online and were very clever with the design of this one. The biggest problem with the fire is the lack of camera. Supposedly I can blot from my iPod touch but it is so tiny I don't really see that happening. I know there is a way to put pictures on the kindle but I cant figure out how to get them into the blot post (I am actually writing this from the fire now).

So I guess my question is: does anyone out there write their blobs from a tablet? And if so, what are the pros and cons of the tablet you use?

Peace be with you,

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Emily said...

I have an ipad and occasionally write a draft for a blog post on it. I use WordPress though, and in all honesty, the app for posting with WordPress is seriously lacking. It doesn't handle coding, and converts all of my codes to text - seriously screwing up the readability. If I MUST post on my tablet, I use the internet version of WordPress and not the app, but it's still quirky and cumbersome. Also, since the keyboard is on the screen, I have a MUCH slower typing speed and often get frustrated with it. The iPad's camera is also seriously lacking; though I've heard the latest release is much, much better. I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I do write some posts on my tablet, I prefer to finalize them on my laptop.

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