WIWW - Pinspiration from What I Already Had

I've been lacking on my What I Wore Wednesday posts and I don't have a whole ton to show for it.  Refashions are currently underway on my existing wardrobe but they won't get finished until after spring break... I've got a big project in the works while I'm visiting my parents in Ohio, I promise to share!

First up are two outfits I originally pinned because I realized I could create something similar with what I already had in my closet without major alterations.  Excuse my not great pictures.
The day I wore this, it was chillier than I expected and since my blue t-shirt dress is sleeveless, the jacket was a must.  It's hard to tell but I do have a few brown bracelets and the necklace is actually quite colorful.
 Again, not a great picture, but it's what I got.  Hard to tell, but the shoes are awesome RED patten leather with white stitching.  I only had a skinny red belt, so a chunky red belt is on my list to keep an eye out for next time I'm in the thrift stores.  Necklace is something I picked up in Germany a few years ago.

And a few more outfits that came together from my closet:

Yeah, I wear a lot of teal/aqua...

Peace be with you,

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