Groupon Deal Alert!

So, let's face it, I am trying eat better, but truth be told, I'm still going to make a few trips for ice cream this summer, I can never be THAT good!

And, if you're like me, you can't pass up a good deal and I've got one for you today.  Groupon is offering 1/2 off at Cold Stone Creamery!!!!!!!!!  Hop over there now and take advantage of this awesome deal.

I'm planning on using my deal to take turns having "Dates" with my kiddos.  IronFish and I try to take turns taking the kids out one on one fairly regularly, even if it is just running to the store to pick up milk.  This will definitely be an extra special treat for each of my kids.

Maybe I'll start with one of my smoothies before Cold Stone, so I don't feel quite so guilty!  Click on the picture to go to the recipe!
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Peace be with you,

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