Tough Call... and Amen for Good Neighbors!

I learned long before my children were even born to act calmly for any and all injuries (helps to be a teenager when your youngest sister is born).  If mom is calm, it is easier to judge the severity of the situation, since most boo-boos only need a kiss.

That being said, this is how yesterday afternoon played out in my house...
Me: "Where are you going now, just sit down and take a rest."
O-man: "Nope, not tired...(trip and fall)... aaahhhhhhhhh"
Me: (Sigh) "JuneBug, hand him to me, please"
JuneBug:  After handing him to me, "Mom, the back of his head is bleeding!"
O-man: still blood curdling screams, as close to hysterical as I've ever seen him
Me:  "OK, can someone grab me a napkin?" (Holy $hit, there is a pool of blood in my hand, stay calm, head wounds always bleed more than others.  Oh, the napkin is soaked too...)
Me: "Um, I'm going to need a kitchen towel.  Girls, why don't you go over to Grandma Peggy's (the neighbors)."  (Stay calm, find phone, wallet, car keys...)
Nurse at Doctor's Office: "Since it's the end of the day, if it needs an x-ray, we'd have to send you over to the hospital anyways.  I agree, it's better safe than sorry for a head wound."

At this point I was already in the car, told IronFish where the girls were, O-man's situation and where we were headed.  My peace of mind was that I didn't have to worry about the girls at all, it's good to have neighbors you can count on!

I spent the car ride trying to get him to talk to me since I was having trouble telling if he was loosing conciousness or just falling asleep...  That was actually when I got most nervous, he had his head turned so I coudn't see him well and would only say his head hurt if he moved.

Fast forward to today, he's got a lump, the ER cleaned him up, said he was fine and told me to watch for signs of a concussion, but they didn't think he had one.  We lost a t-shirt and some time but ultimately it was one of those tough calls where you have to decide if quick action is needed or if a wait and see attitued is better. 

He's running around the house now with a bucket on his head...
Peace be with you,


Rachel said...

That must have been so scary! Good for you for staying calm--I would have been flipping out. I'm glad he's okay!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Kristina @ A Home Made by Kiki said...

So scary!! Sounds like you handled it well and stayed calm! I'm a nurse, but I still get a little anxious when something happens to my own kids!

Liz said...

How scary for you! I'm glad he's okay.

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