Hoppy Easter Everybunny

He has risen!  I do hope you are enjoying your Easter, it is beautiful and sunny here and our turkey is already cooking.  Shortly I'll be making my all time favorite non-chocolate food: Aunt Bettie's Potatoes.  I'd make them everyday if didn't use so much cream (which is what makes them so darn yummy!).

Being the slacker mom that I am, we dyed our Easter eggs today.  I learned long ago not to have real eggs as a part of the egg hunt, so dying the eggs is really just for the fun.  Thanks to Robin over at The T-Shirt Diaries, I didn't have to worry about spending money on those dye tablets.  The kids colored the eggs with crayons first and then we dipped them in the dye.  Don't they look pretty?
Peace be with you,

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