And Gosh-Darnit, People Like Me!

Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough... sorry, couldn't help quoting Jack Handy from those great old SNL episodes of Deep Thoughts!

I have to say, I get so excited to log onto my blog and see that I have new followers!  When I first started this I knew I was guaranteed to have at least 2 followers (my FlyBuddies, you know who you are), but to be over 100 followers in just a few months is so exciting for me.  It makes me smile :).  Oh wait, I knew I'd have 3 followers, my SisterBaby was another one of my first followers.  I don't remember who you are, but the first time I got a follower that I didn't know at all left me completely giddy all day!

Since I have a marketing background, I'm a little obsessed with where my readers come from.  Boy, was I amazed to see it's from all over the world.  I also get a kick out of what posts are most viewed, IE, most popular.  My geeky side coming out a bit there.

I want to thank you all for following me and totally making my day.  When you leave comments, they go straight to my phone so I get to see them right away, I so love that little beep my phone makes.  I get a lot of my inspiration from other bloggers but if I've inspired you to make something, or you've done one of my tutorials, please e-mail me pictures.  I'd get a huge kick out of featuring you or doing a blog swap!

Today we are supposed to get major rain, so I'll be inside sewing my little heart out.  My girls have made some requests and I've got several things in need of finishing.  I promise pictures tomorrow!

Peace be with you,

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Real Crafty Mama said...

I've awarded you the Veratile Blogger Award!
Check it out...http://realcraftymama.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blogger-award.html

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