Earth Day Blog Hop

And so Stashbusting ends... I'm still working on a huge project with tons of my scraps and I'm planning to keep going and not buying craft supplies until at least Mother's Day, because the craft area is still not in real shape yet!

But the most exciting thing is today is Earth Day and that means my first Earth Day Blog Hop!!!!!
*** Please note:  If you want the full Hop experience, you need to start at A Home Made by Kiki, trust me, it's worth it! ***
If this is your first time visiting, we'd like to welcome you to Domestic Deadline (by we, I mean my various personalities)!  Please feel free to check out my little piece of blogland and leave nice comments if you find something you like ;)  If you're a regular, well, you're welcome too (you can also look around and leave nice comments)!

So, what's this blog hop all about, you ask?  Well... good things for the environment of course... keep reading and you can win some of those good things for the environment... and a little dirty talk...

Did that get your attention?  All right, get your head out of the toilet, I didn't mean that kind of dirty talk!  I meant this kind of dirty talk:
Yup, I let it go for a few weeks just for this blog hop.  Why?  Traditionally, if I let the toilet get this bad I'd have to give in to a toilet bowl cleaner with bleach in it and still scrub with all my might.  But a few weeks back I found out about Shaklee which offers non-toxic and natural cleaning products that are safe, powerful, Earth friendly and just plain SMART! 

I put two drops of Basic H2 into the bowl and swirled it around, let it sit for a few minutes (I would have done that with bleach based products too) and much to my surprise, not much muscle power was needed to  get that nasty ring off.

But I couldn't just stop there.  I wiped down the rest of the toilet with one Basic H2 wipe.  When cleaning wipes first entered the market, I jumped on the band-wagon, they made cleaning that much faster.  It didn't take too long for me to realize how many were ending up in a land fill and returned to a spray and washable cleaning rags.  The wipes made it so much easier for me to get the girls to help with bathroom cleaning, but there was one for the mirror, a different one (or three when the girls clean) for the counter and another one or two for the toilet.  The Basic H2 wipes have solved this dilemma in our house, currently reffered to as magic wipes by the girls.  They were so relieved to be able to use wipes again, and surprised to find they could start with the mirror, move to the counter and finish with the toilet all with one wipe (that's why they are magic).
See, now the whole toilet is nice and clean and no harmful chemicals were used in the process, that make me happy.
So are you interested in trying Shaklee and cleaning your home with clean cleaning supplies?  Here are the opportunities:
  1. Starting at A Home Made by Kiki, collect the letters by hoping from one blog to the next.  Once you have collected all the letters, e-mail the phrase to healthy-solutions@hotmail.com to be entered into the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE! (by April 30th at midnight ET).
  2. Become a follower of Domestic Deadline AND A Home Made by Kiki via Google Friend Connect, leave me a comment for an entry to win a Basic H2 sample (by April 30th at midnight ET, you MUST be following both of our blogs).
  3. If you can't wait to see if you win, Shaklee is having an Earth Day special, FREE membership with any $30 purchase AND other great specials that you can find out about by sending an email to healthy-solutions@hotmail.com
  4. Check out my Stashbusting Give-A-Way for the opportunity to win some other great stuff (ends at midnight ET today, April 22nd, 2011)
Ready to hop and win?  The letters you need are SH and the next blog is Momof3dolls.blogspot.com

Peace be with you,


Trend Setting Mom said...

Happy Earth Day! I've got to try the H2 on my toilet, I've always used the harsh bleach stuff to, and ruined a couple good pairs of sweatpants in the process.

Stopping by from the Earth Day Blog Hop!


Paula said...

That H2 is some powerful stuff!

I'm stopping by from the blog hop.

KD { Mom of 3 Dolls } said...

I'm a new follower of yours and following Kiki. I've converted my whole family on using cloth wipes but I'm glad to see that they also sell the H2 wipes!

Karen said...

I follow you both on GFC!
Thanks so much, Karen
lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

Desi @ Wee Share said...

follow you both with google friend :)


Mike's Air Conditioning said...

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