What I Made to Wear Wednesday - Spring Sweater 2

We may have had snow on the ground this morning, but I'm still going to charge ahead beleieving spring will be here soon.  Here is my latest addition to my wardrobe challenge, only using items from my stash.
 My assistant wanted to be in the picture!  Want to make your own, well here's the lowdown.
I'm obviously learning to play with Picassa, it's kinda fun!  I'll be refering to the pictures from the top left across and then onto the second row and across.  I tried to number the pictures but I was struggling to get the numbers to show up so I gave up this time.
  1. Back when I was looking for great cable knit sweaters to make pillows, I snagged a few sweaters with refashion intentions for 3 for $10, hard to pass up.  Unfortunately they ended up sitting in my to-do pile for longer than I planned, officially becoming a part of my stash!  You can see this is pretty shapless on me, this particular one is actually and XL maternity sweater.
  2. See, big and shapeless, I know I had ideas when I bought it, but my time machine is in the shop so I can't go back and see what those ideas were!  So I stopped by Tatertots and Jello for some inspiration (Jen was on a tv show with all the sweaters she refashioned!).  This one I really love, but they are all so great.
  3. Enter a scarf from my closet!  I think what I love about Jen's is the colors and I considered a few other scarfs but ultimately decided it would be fun to add pops of color through the t-shirt below it or with a belt.
  4. I layed a sweater over top that I knew fit me (it happens to be on the chopping block too, but for now it is earning it's keep as a pattern).  I am lucky have a serger, but you could also zig zag the seams.  I think I took about 3 inches off of each side.
  5. Now I cut it up the middle and serged both sides, instant cardi!
  6. My scarf was about 13 inches wide so I cut it in half.  I folded each strip in half and adjusted the tension on my machine to ruffle it up while sewing it together.
  7. Pin the ruffle to the sweater.  I had every intention of going all the way down both sides but once one strip was pinned on, I decided to go for a bit of an asymetrical look.  Sew your ruffle on then fold it back and top stitch.  Top stitch along the un-ruffled edge too, to conceal the serged edge.
  8. Close up of the ruffle after top-stiched.  This is actually the sleeve.
  9. Ok, this step isn't shown in the picture collage, but you can see it in the first group of pictures.  I had left over scarf and I'm trying to use stuff up.  I added some to the sleees and the last piece became a poofy pin!  I did end up sewing a snap on where the ruffle ends so it stays together at the top.
Overall, I'm loving it!  I also must say, I love how one can get inspiration from something and end up with something completely different!

Peace be with you,

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Karen said...

It looks so cute! I love how you used a scarf. So adorable;) Thanks for sharing. Saw you on Night owl crafting.

Red Headed Step Child said...

It looks great! I've been working on refashioning too, using my maternity clothes. That way, I don't care if I mess up! I'm slowly learning how to take things in and add ruffles and such.

Great looking sweater, I'm sure you'll wear it with pride!

Becky said...

super cute!!!!

Lori@KitchenFunk said...

Great idea and it came out beautifully. Tator-tots and Jello is a great resource for fun projects, isn't it? :-) I found you tonight from Simply Step Back. I will be trying my hand at your project!

Jill said...

fantastic! I'm loving the ruffles!

Thanks for linking this to the clothes upcycling project page!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Haley said...

Cute! I'm a sucker for ruffles and recycling/up cycling!
Thanks for sharing!!

Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor said...

This is really cute! I love ruffles and upcycling!

Karima said...

Hi i am a new follower from Handmade Tuesdays Link. I too love to upcycle things, your posts are great. Hope you can follow back. Karima


Karima said...

Hi I am your newest follower/s
Hope you can follow back. I love refashioning too! Karima

Krafty Kat said...

Turned out so cute! I love Picasa too! Thanks for sharing this week!

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