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Week two of One Month to Win It is over.  Unfortunately, I won't be moving on.  I'm a little bummed but also a little relieved, it was so hard to keep my mind off it while waiting for the results all week!  Did you guess which one was mine?  I wish I had done a better job with the pictures but I've always struggled with getting good pictures of my jewelry designs.  I've researched and tried all different types of tricks and tips but my photography skills never do the piece justice.  Oh, well.  Good luck to the rest of the ladies out there who are continuing on!  Below is my project:
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With the theme "Wear Green" there were a lot of directions I could have gone with this.  In fact, I actually started two other projects and pulled out lots of supplies for a few other other ideas!  Green to me is more than a color but reduce, reuse, recycle as well. Finally I decided I'd go the accessory route and dug into my stash.  Using left overs from past projects, a few beads from a broken bracelet and some polymer clay I set out to create a chunky triple strand necklace with multiple options.
Each strand can be worn separately; one is simply strung, one is bright  wooden beads knotted with ribbon and one is hand wrapped with shiny green wire. 
Magnetic clasps allow for versatility beyond St. Patrick's Day.  Layer two or three strands or twist them together for a super chunky look.

Peace be with you,

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