Spring Cleaning?

This time of year I start to look around the house and see what I don't need anymore (or what I want to replace!). The first weekend in May our church has a yard sale. It is a week of hard work getting ready for it but it's a great fundraiser for our basketball outreach , Methodist Madness. My job is to run the jewelry room, a very popular place that day!

Last year I got a new couch, so our old ones went to the church. This year the girls got a set of bunk beds, so their old ones will be going to the church. I'm still looking around the house and even thought I loved our entertainment center when we got it, now that I we have a new LCD TV, it seems to take up way too much space. Every now and then I do a little looking for a new LCD TV stand online. I don't know that it will get replaced this year, but it is always nice to be able to do a little "window shopping" at night when I can't sleep.

For now, I guess I'll go dust off the top. I'm sure I can dive into my scraps and create some fun Easter and spring decorations to perk it up again!

Peace be with you,

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