Stash Busting Kick-Off

Today is the first official day of the Spring Stashbust over at The Tshirt Diaries.  I've already showed you my before pictures and I'm determined to have my craft space/kitchen functional and pretty by Earth Day, the last day of the challenge.  I'm thinking BIG, BIG! The plans have been brewing in my head since I first heard about this from Robin.  I need some major change and Spring is the perfect time to start fresh.  So here is a peek at my plans:

Stashbust Plans:
  • Reduce the overage of fabric scraps making some great things for my kid's make-shift play room (our low cost "finished" basement... shower curtain walls, foam flooring, hand-me-down furniture...) to make it more fun and comfortable for hanging out.
  • Reduce my upcycle pile and make myself some new things for Spring and Summer.  I'll be continuing to feature these in my new weekly "What I Made to Wear Wednesday."  I'm still lovin' my first installment of that, especially since it inspires me to wear more than a t-shirt and jeans, or worse, sweats... 
  • Make room for the projects I want to be able to do.  I've decided this is mainly upcycling, and I want to be able to walk into the thrift store, find something that inspires me, bring it home and work on it, not set it aside until I have the space to do it!
  • Reduce my Avon inventory.  OK, so this doesn't have a whole lot to do with my craft stuff directly but it does indirectly.  I have been fairly successful at Avon for the past 6 years, however I've managed to acquire quite a bit more inventory than I need.  If Avon didn't take up as much space, it wouldn't take as much time to get the orders together and delivered and I'd have more room and time to work on fun projects!  Guess what, you're going to benefit from this!!!  I'm going to have my first give-a-way so watch for more info on that on Thursday.
Leave me a comment if you are joining in the Spring Stashbust challenge.  On Friday I'll be doing my first guest tutorial on The Tshirt Diaries.  I'm so excited about this, I hope you'll check it out.

Peace be with you,

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Amanda said...

Ohhh thanks for posting about this! I've had some of the fabric in my stash for almost 2 years! Goodness know what I brought it for but I'm determinded to use it up! Might even be able to knock some birtday / christmas presents off my to do list!

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