Sleeping Beauties

Tasha turned 7 last month and we were finally able to have her party this past weekend.  I gave her a few options but she kept asking for a sleep over.  When first asked who she'd invite she immediately said. "My best friend in Mrs. B's class that I play with everyday at recess!"  Conversation continued like this:
  • Me, "Oh, what's her name?"
  • T, "I don't know, but she's my best friend!"
  • Me, "Then why don't you know her name?"
  • T, "I never asked!"
Got to love how kids don't need to know names to play together.  We did finally decide she could have 3 friends (even numbers work best, I find) but I had to know their parents.  At first she was dissapointed, but then she quickly told me her "other" three best friends, all of whom I'm friends with their moms.  No surprise these are three of the girls she wants to get together with most outside of school.

We kept the party very low key, one of the girls had never slept over at a friend's before.  I often find when I plan all sorts of games and activities, they just want to play and are happy to entertain themselves.  I did however need to make a cake to fit the "Slumber Party" theme...

As usual, I didn't budget my time as well as I should have so I simplified my design, but I also simplified it due to not wanting to buy all kinds of things for the decorating that I only need a few of each (also known as the dinero factor).

Tasha was quite surprised, she had no idea what I was planning:
Four little girls in their sleeping bags!  I used 'Nilla Wafers for the faces, mini M&Ms for eyes, jelly beans for the shoes, cut jumbo marshmallows for the pillows and bodies and everything else was done with fruit roll-ups.  Here are the four girls in their jammies, in the order that they (think) they are on the cake.  I had no specific girl in mind, but they each thought one was them!
I'm pretty sure they all had a great time.  Of course, mine was the last one asleep and a bit grumpy the next day...

Peace be with you,

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rita jean said...

That is an absolutely cute cake!!! You did an awesome job!!! I'm sure everyone loved it! :)

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