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I apologize,  my interview for this week didn't pan out and I wasn't able to get another one together on time.  So, I'll answer the questions myself!  Please feel free to link up, meet some new bloggers and check out some awesome bloggers!  Don't forget to follow people in the new linky followers since not everyone has Google Friend Connect anymore (only blogger platforms).

Our hosts this month are:

Here goes:
Hi! I'm Emily from Domestic Deadline (guess you already knew that ;).  I have 3 wonderful kids and the deadline is, eventually the youngest one will be in school full time..... I've got to get the hang of this house work stuff by then, but crafts and fun kids stuff keep getting in the way!
What do you create?
Well, it depends on the day really!  I really love to upcycle and for quite a while now, I've been avoiding craft stores, trying to work with what I already have on hand, which unfortunately for my family, is A LOT!!!  I sew, I crochet, I scrapbook, I bake, you name it.  My most recent upcycling projects helped me win the first ever Project Recycle.
Why do you create?
 To get the ideas out of my head!  Seriously, I get an idea and sometimes I literally can't do anything else until I get that idea made.  It's OCD, Obsessive Crafting Disorder, otherwise known as the wrong kind of OCD to my husband, it's the kind that does NOT make me obsessed with cleaning and scrubbing the house.
Do you sell your creations?  If so, where, how, is it profitable?
I do!  I have an Etsy shop, HarperNCo.  Right now, I have character hats in there but I have some fun new ideas I'm working on and hope to get some of that new stuff in there soon.  I've been working on some boy-ish things... he's into superheros now, that's my hint for you!  
I don't make a fortune on Etsy, but I do use it to donate to the foundation that supports the research for my sweet nephew who suffers from Neutropenia.  You can learn more about this at my sister's site LongRace4Tate, read her UpTates, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be as inspired by my sister as I am.

What mistakes or lessons have you learned?
Right now my mistake is not putting pictures in this interview, but I'm on a time crunch!  I got a speeding ticket and have to go to court in a bit, so hopefully I will get back to it and add some pictures and answer this question better!  Oh, I've learned I use the exclamation point an awful lot today!!!!!
What, to you, is success?  Have you achieved it yet or are you on your way?
To me, success is being happy with who you are, where you are in life and proud of where you're headed.  I'd like to think I have achieved that, I'm constantly trying to teach that to my children, life is what you make of it.  God made you an individual, make him proud.
So, what's next?
Hopefully not jail (that traffic ticket, got flustered, couldn't find my insurance card right in front of me...)  No, seriously, I'd really like to do more with my Etsy shop and grow my blog, all while hopefully actually getting my house in order (I made good progress this week, cleaning out kids toys).  Recently people have been asking if I teach lessons, so that might have to be in the works....

Peace be with you,

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Jill said...

Thanks for answering the questions Emily! Nice to learn a bit more about you!
Hope all went well in court!! :)

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