Healthy Changes

I go through cycles where I really push the issue of healthy eating in my families, and times where I'm just glad they have even one fruit or vegetable a day!  Recently I've watched the documentary, Food Matters, and it really solidified my steadfast belief that you are what you eat.  Since I can't ask my kids to eat well if I'm not, I've been on a fresh, raw fruit and veggie kick and I've felt great lately.  Wanna see what my lunches lately have looked like?!?!?!

Yep, not kidding, I forgot how much I really like raw sweet potato, I eat broccoli even though it's not my favorite, but I do really like cauliflower and I don't think there's ever been a berry I didn't like.

Ever since I've lived in this home (almost 9 years now), I've used eco-friendly cleaners.  I don't like the idea of kids being exposed to chemicals, or anyone for that matter.  It just doesn't make sense, they are dangerous and who knows what problems are linked to cleaning supplies.  I've tried all the commercial brands, homemade versions and internet only ones.  There have definitely been some I've liked more than others which is why I think it's funny that I've come full circle.  Years ago I used Melaleuca  and for various reasons at the time, stopped.  Now I'm back to using all Melaleuca products in my home.

The best part?  In addition to my healthy eating, I'm using their patented and proprietary vitamins and I'm feeling better than I have in ages... SERIOUSLY!!!!! 

If you aren't familiar with Melaleuca, and are interested in making healthy changes for you, your family and our environment, I urge you to drop me an email at domesticdeadline@gmail.com to learn more.  Plus, right now membership is only $1 until March 15th and you'll get $100 in free products in your first 6 months of membership.

Peace be with you,

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