Mission Organization Monday: The Coat Closet is Ready for Winter

If you haven't seen The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking, I highly recommend checking it out.  I came across her site after her 31 Days to an Organized Home was over but still felt inspired to follow her plan. I'm not going for 31 days in a row, but rather using it as a check list for getting stuff in order around here, I'm trying to spend a few hours a day this month getting our house in shape, before I dig into my growing craft to do list. 

Day 1: Organizing with a Purpose
My purpose: My family.  I know from experience everyone in the family is much happier when the house is in order, me included.  The hard part is keeping it that way, but if everything has a place, the girls are old enough to put it where it belongs, now we just need to stick with it!

Day 2:  An Organized Coat Closet
Ironically, my coat closet is one of the better spots in my house, but it was time to change it over for the winter... before we ended up with multiple seasons and a big mess.  Here's what I started with:
Since our church is collecting coats for WIC, I designated a few that we no longer really needed.  Pool and beach stuff was put into hibernation.  Then I only had the winter stuff to deal with, like three sets of snow pants... Guess what, if you roll them tightly and rubber band them (or hair bands, like I used for the girls) they compact down and can easily be stored in a clean trash can!
 Look, they all fit!
I had two hooks on the door before, but I put them on the door when O-man was still in a car carrier.  I added a hook for him and put a label above each one, he can read his name and reach the hook... they all can now, no excuses!
Below, I had these bins before and tried them as one for each child.  What I decided works better is to have one drawer for each: hats, gloves or mittens, and scarves.  All labeled now (notice the trash bin to the left?  That's the snow pants, leaving enough room for the two long dress coats).
 Rain gear... it needs to be here year round, it just does.  The girls and I each have a jacket that folds into it's own pocket.  Totally worth the price* in my opinion, when O-man gets bigger I'll get him one, but for now, he gets whatever hand-me-down rain jacket we get, he just grows way too fast. (*Thanks Grandma Diane, otherwise, I watch for clearance sales and get the previous season).
 There you have it, a clean coat closet, ready for winter!
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Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

This is wonderful. How great to have a closet that is organized BEFORE you need the winter accessories! Would you like to share this as a guest post during my blog birthday celebration? If you want more details, email me at foundmyfavorite@gmail.com

Jill said...

Some great organisational ideas there! I really need to try some out in my house!!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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