What I Made the Kids to Wear: First Day of School Edition

My girls went back to school yesterday and of course I had to make them something new to wear.  Ironically, JuneBug had sketched a skirt very similar to this one over at Lil Blue Boo so we used that tutorial as our starting point for her skirt.  We used scraps and whatever was in my stash to make it.
The shirt I made her about two years ago, it just happened to be a perfect match.  As for Tasha, I had actually made her another dress that she is wearing today.  The dress she opted to wear I made her last summer but then it needed repair so it spent several months on my repair pile... so it was new all over again!  Tasha loves purple, so I mixed all the purple fabric I'd had at the time.
She's asked me to make her another one, I'm pretty sure it can be done, Stashbusting style!  
Yup, one went to school smiling, one went in tears...  Today they both went smiling!  Next week is little man's turn but only for two days but I'll take it!

Peace be with you,

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Just Jaime said...

Great looks!

Mimi said...

Your daughters are beautiful and they look so proud of their back to school outfits. That is priceless in my book :)

Robin said...

I saw the tutorial at Lil Blue Boo (one of my favorite sites) and have wanted to try it.

Karie @ The HoB said...

Came over from Tip Junkie! Don't you just love being able to use fabric in your stash for a project!! The outfits are cute!!

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