Farm Fresh Friday

Earlier in the summer my family joined a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and we've been reaping the benefits.  Not only do we get to pick up our fresh organic produce but we get to know the farmer and his family.  We've planted our own section of pumpkins, the kids get to pick something fresh from the field each week and I get to create yummy healthy meals for my family!
I've tried over the years to grow things, and keep trying even though I'm not really good at it, the CSA solved that and more since my space is so small.  Another thing I've tried to do is compost... I've researched various different ways to do this in small spaces without the stench... another fail on my part.  The CSA has solved this too... I can take my kitchen scraps back to the farm.  It makes me feel like I'm doing something good for the environment and helping give back to the farm.

Check out some of the produce, I'll share some recipes soon!
Yes, the majority of this gets used but the little ends and the seeds end up in my compost bin.  I don't go running over to the farm every day, so I have to have a place to put the scraps until I get over there (usually one a week, but occasionally twice, its only about 3 miles away).  At first I spent some time online looking for a counter top compost pail that would look pretty in my kitchen.  Being the cheap-scape thrifty person I am, I decided all the pretty options were more than I wanted to spend on garbage.

So... a bit more researching and I realized I could make my own pretty cheaply... It isn't really pretty but it was dirt cheap!  Here's what you'll need:  A large container (I used a big pretzel jar but a large coffee container or anything with a tight fitting lid will do), charcoal filters (mine were $1 for 10 in the kitty litter isle), hot glue, nail or screw driver and (optional) BioBags.

The process is simple:  Punch a few holes in the lid of your container.  Hot glue the filters to the inside of the lid, covering the holes.  Line with a BioBag and add your scraps as you collect them (I keep a bowl by the sink and when it is full, I dump eveyrthing in).  The BioBags aren't necessary but they totally help with the clean-up.  The bin will still smell when you open it, but it won't make your kitchen stink.
When it is full, or once a week, I take the whole container to the farm, dump it out, bag and all!  The bags are biodegradable so all I have to do is give the container a quick rinse before putting it back in my car to take it home. 

What can be composted?  Fruit and vegetable scraps, bread, coffee grounds, egg shells that have been washed off, but NO MEAT or DAIRY!!!  

Why compost?  Well, if you pay for your trash and have a limit, this can reduce the amount.  Plus, the scraps eventually become dirt that is full of nutrients that help crops grow healthy and strong... which helps us grow healthy and strong!

Peace be with you,

I'll be linking up to some of these parties, stop by and check out the talent!

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