Beam Me Up Scotty

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Seriously, it's the year 2011, shouldn't we be able to be beamed from one location to another by now?  How great would it be to not have to drive or fly to go on vacation but be instantly teleported from your home to wherever you wanted to go?  Yeah, I'd really like that especially since my best friend moved half way across the country :(.

I guess in the mean time I'll have to just stick to good old phone conversation.  (of course, that doesn't help her unpack...)

It is pretty funny to me how much phones can do now a days.  They basically act as miniature computers and we can't seem to be without them.  My battery died while I was out today and my first reaction was to panic, of course then I realized how silly that was.  Remember when  they  were in a bag... or before we had cell phones!?!?!

The great thing is TracFone offers brand name phones that do it all (except beaming) with no contracts, no credit checks, no cancelation or connection fees and no surprises.  TracFone is the cheapest way to own and use a phone in America.  Plans can be monthly pay as you go to a one-year card which gives you double minutes a month for the life of the phone.

TracFone also allows for international calling to over 60 countries at no additional cost! 


Below are a few videos to give you a bit more information until someone figures out how to beam us from place to place...

real TracFone customers

real TracFone customers

so many features

real TracFone customers

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