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Laundry, I dread it.  That, and washing dishes.  They are the two chores I absolutly can't stand and will do almost anything to avoid!  But, I must admit, I am really lucky, Iron Fish does the majority of the laundry in out house.  However, he just does the laundry, whatever is in the basket, gets sorted and put into the washer and then the dryer.  

So, when a stain happens, I still need to address it before it goes into the laundry bin.  And with three kids, I am pretty sure I pretreat at least one stain a day!   I try to always treat the stain before the item of clothing goes into the landry basket (or in the general direction of it in the case of my children).

From grass stains on my son's knees to coffee stains on my own shirts, something is stained.  Have you tried Shout® Trigger?   It's a convenient trigger spray bottle of stain fighting enzymes that penetrates, breaks up and lifts away the stain.  It works in any temperature wash and is safe for all colors.  How easy is that?


I am all about anything that saves me time and doesn't require major elbow grease, especially after a long day.  I have a little list of different ways to treat stains, but it's much nicer to have one product instread of an arsinal of liquids to test on the stain.  As moms, we all have enough to do without spending hours on the laundry (even if I a lot of the work is done for me!).   Plus Shout® Trigger is available conveniently at places like Walmart.  Want to learn more, check out Shout® Trigger

What are the worst stains you deal with in your house hold?  What have you tried to get them out?  Do you have any experience with Shout® Trigger?

Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to get my laundry to fold itself and put it's self away, you'd be my hero forever!

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