At least there is room service

To say my past few days have not gone as I'd planned is an understatement. What started out as a busy yard sale weekend has morphed into a hospital stay with my little man. In hindsight I should have realized he didn't feel well when he didn't eat his donut Saturday morning.

O-man still spent most of the day running and playing even though he willingly took an almost three hour nap on the floor of our church. We left after another busy and successful yard sale with him a bit warm and not feeling too well but asking for tacos for dinner. I resigned to the fact that I was not going out to celebrate but hanging out with the kids and Mexican for dinner (quite fitting for Cinco de Mayo).

We walked into the house, O-man kicked off his shoes and promptly put himself to bed! By midnight he had nothing left in his stomach and by morning wasn't keeping any fluids down.

After a call to the doctor's office, we started "shots" of Gatorade every five minutes and seemed to be improving and even tried a BRAT diet later Sunday evening. Alas, it was short lived and in the wee hours of Monday morning the emergency room was discussed. As his humor was still in tact and he joked with me, we decided to wait until morning and get into the doctor first thing.

Within the hour we arrived at the emergency room and O-man was refusing to walk and didn't want to sit up on his own. Pretty quickly my baby was hooked up to IV fluids for severe dehydration and being admitted.

Fast forward 24 hours and he has slept more than I think he did in his first year of life but is on the mend. He's not too interested in much more than sleep and an occasional Popsicle but I have gotten an occasional smile.

I haven't left his side for more than a quick potty break or to grab a cup of coffee from about ten steps outside his door. I am pretty sure I smell but I really don't care. I am quite thankful for my iPad and wifi to keep me occupied while he sleeps... And the fact thatI don't have to make any food for myself!

The funny part of this? O-man thinks he is here for a broken arm! The IV port is in his arm and strapped to a board so he doesn't rip it out (again) or bend it. He is thankful for the mass of stickers he has acquired during his stay. I guess it is the little things that count!!!

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