Random Question

I'm going to start by saying I love my kiddos and would do anything for them.

But, I'm going a bit crazy right now.  One of my kids has been dealing with Anxiety most of their life.  Things were better and I thought we had the "issues" under control (Dr appts, therapy, working with the school, etc was all in order).

But lately, I fear the phone ringing during the school day... 3 days last week I had to go to the school to pick up my child because the anxiety is now causing other problems (racing heart, head aches, blurred vision, that kind of stuff).  Cardiologist has been visited, blood has been drawn, medication side affect has been ruled out). 

Anyone out there have a child (or self) with anxiety?  Have any suggestions or advice for me?

At least today when the school called, another child had a fever, I was actually relieved. 

Peace be with you,

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