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One thing I have been trying to do over the past few years is reduce paper clutter.  I actually don't get any magazines in paper form and always opt for paperless whenever possible.  For ages, I've been cutting and pasting things off the internet into word documents, things I might want to go back and check out later.    Enter Clipix, an online clipboard where I can save all that stuff, and save the time it used to take me to cut and paste it!!!!   I've been playing around a bit on Clipix tonight, waiting for my daughter and all her sleep over friends to fall asleep.  I've still got two more kids' birthday parties coming up, so I'm in a cake and cupcake kinda mood so I've been drooling over some of these yummy finds:

yummy treats

One thing I love about Clipix is the ability to share a clip board or keep it private.  So, if ideas are formulating in my head and I'm not ready for others to see what I'm thinking of, I can keep the clip board private for as long as I like!  The possibilities are unlimited.

Plus, there is an iPhone app, which means endless clipping of things from my iPod when I can't sleep.  This video shows even more:

Check out clipix for yourself, leave me a comment with how you would use Clipix to organize the way you use the internet.

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