Project Upcycle - Week 4 Bottoms Up

In case you missed my Project Upcycle entry last week, you can check it out below.  I am in the finals, so make sure you head over to The T-Shirt Diaries and vote for me!!!  Plus I'm competing in the Crafterbowl over at Pinkapotamus, so go vote for me there too!
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If my windows are open in the summer, I can hear the splashing in the neighborhood pool, we are that close to it.  So when I found this cloth table cloth at the thrift store for only $3, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it:  make a pool bag!  But, the "Bottoms Up" Challenge made me look at it a bit differently.  I realized it has all the colors of my mix-and-match bathing suits in it and it would make a great, quick drying skirt as a pool cover up.
Since it was already a circle, I folded it in quarters.  I measured my waist and divided it by 4.
And using my bendable ruler, I cut the top off, using that 1/4 of my waist measurement as a guide.
Since this was an outdoor table cloth meant to fit around an umbrella, there already was a zipper up the side.  I left the zipper in place and added a band of coordinating fabric to finish off the waist.  And a little fabric rose to cover a small error, because let's face it, when you are upcycling, you've got to go with the flow and mistakes happen!
I think it looks great with my aqua suit and my yellow one (excuse the sideways picture, it keeps loading this way, not sure why...).
How many weeks until the pool opens?1?!?!?

Peace be with you,

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Marilyn said...

Sooo cuuute :))) VERY creative.. I have a linky party gong on right now I would LOVE for you to share this alongside.. Very inspiring.. Lovely blog you have here.. I am stopping in via Linky followers hop to follow ya with smiles & GFC.. Hope you can stop in and follow back sometime.. I'm Marilyn via http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com ... wishing ya a great evening.. ;))

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