Working Out is Working!

A few months ago I started working with a trainer; taking Kettlebell classes three days a week.  My eating habits had gone a bit downhill a few months prior and, well, I keep having birthdays.  I've always heard it would get harder to keep excess weigh off; I was officially at that part of my life, and getting back into shape before it became even harder was suddenly a priority.

Debbie, my trainer, held a competition.  I added three more days a week of cardio and a high protein meal plan.  Eight weeks later I am proud to say I lost 14 pounds and 9 inches!  Woohoo!

Wanna see the proof?  Check out my before and after:
The after shorts didn't even go on before!  

Now that I am on vacation and not going to my class, I have decided to try running.  I have always protested running, but it seemed to be necessary to continue my success.  My goal is only to get to being able to run 20 minutes, that's it!  Week one is down (3 minutes walking, 1 minute running, 5 times total).  This week I have moved to 2 minutes walking, 1 minute ruining (7 times).

I can't say I like running, but it seems to be an effective workout.  Advice is welcome, wish me luck!

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Tammy Drouillard-Jozwiak said...

Congratulations, you look great!

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