Day 2, No Bags Just a Little Organizing

Day two of the challenge didn't go as I'd planned. Well, Tasha's class party went pretty well, but I managed to run over a squirrel, crack my crock pot and "break" my son's feelings a few times (ok, that last one doesn't really bother me). So, we ordered Chinese for dinner and I stayed away from everyone!

But, I did manage to organize one thing that was in need.... My vitamins. Sounds a little silly, but I haven't taken vitamins daily since September. I have found I do feel better and have more energy when I take them regularly, and since winter is always so hard for me, the ten minutes I spent getting them ready for the next week, and hopefully getting myself back into the habit is pretty valuable.

There is no before picture since I had to go around the house and find where I had stashed things. But now it is all together and my little Tupperware containers are ready with purple for the morning and pink or white for the evening. I found using these was so helpful in the past because O-man can't open them and if I can't take a dose or two at home, it's just one little reusable bin to grab when I head out the door.

I took my vitamins is morning and actually felt motivated to do a 15 minute workout! It's been quite a while since I have done that too actually. Costco shopping, fridge and pantries are on tap for this weekend, wish me luck.

What are you working on?

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