Back to Blogging?

Well, maybe. I never really meant to stop, life just got crazy and what I thought would be a short break evolved into much longer than anticipated. But, it's a good outlet for me and motivates me to accomplish things, so I've decided to participate in the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge over at White House Black Shutters and blog about it along the way. My hope is that I will get some serious clutter out of my life and get back into the habit of blogging.

So, here goes.....

Yesterday was day one of 40 days, not counting Sundays, as the Lenten calendar goes. I printed my calendars today and am planning on filling in the planning calendar tonight. I got off to a good start though, here is my before:
The drawers were in decent shape, so I found a few things in each drawer to get rid of. Then I moved to the top shelves. Everything was removed and the shelves were cleaned. I put things back that I love or are functional. This hutch serves a lot of uses, including homework supplies and houses things that end up in the dinning room no matter what I try.
I'm still not sure I'm happy with the overall look. The paper behind the shelves is there since the wood is so dark, not much shows up on them. It was meant to help me decide if I should paint the back or the whole piece, I can't decide....
Anyways, I filled two boxes! One for donation, that is already scheduled to be picked up on Friday, and another for the PTO. The school is doing a basket auction and several of the things I got rid of are brand new so they will get used at the auction. Oh, the 2 candle sticks on the middle shelf are only temporary, they are being used in a project this weekend.

So, will you be joining the 40 bags in 40 days challenge? What is the first place you need to tackle? And the ultimate question......... Should I paint this hutch or leave it alone?

Found this on Pinterest, very similar to my hutch, I did find indications that it once had doors, but the glass doors have been gone at least my mother's whole life!  The top of mine has a bit more detail too.


KyleeJ said...

I'm participating and trying to get back into blogging with it as well!

I vote for painted. My step-father would die rather than paint wood, but I love that crisp look you get with it painted.

live and luv said...

Great start! Looks good : )

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