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Wait, What Happened to Summer?

I can't believe school starts in just a few short weeks!  I know, I know, many schools across the country have already gone back to school, but my reality is starting to sink in.  I've got a ton of work ahead of me to get my household back on track and ready for the school year, it's a big one for us.  June-Bug goes into middle school and O-Man starts kindergarten!  Tasha will be entering fourth grade and I will be going back to work.

When I started blogging, it was in the hopes of using this as a way to get myself, family and home in order for the time when I would go back to work.  I'm pleased to say the perfect job fell into my lap!  It actually happened almost two years ago and I have been increasing my hours based on my little guy's school schedule.  Plus, I only work when the kids are in school, so I have been off all summer.

After a summer away from home, we have a lot to get done.  While in away, I did get several projects done, including attempting to help my mom get a few places organized.  Sometimes the simplest tricks can be so helpful.

My mom has a ton of tools, several don't fit in the drawers and end up getting left out.  I stuck a few nails in the side of her work space and hung the tools!  Now they are out of the way, but right near by for when she needs them.

Mom's art space is connected to the bunk room where the kids sleep when we visit.  The games have been whittled down to this selection and kept under the sink, but they usually end up in a mess and the boxes fall open, resulting in no room for the towels and other things that fit when it is all put away nicely.  A simple shelf made out of scrap wood I found around her house should help.  This way instead of one big pile of games, the piles aren't too tall and much easier to put back.  Plus I labeled the shelf with a warning "put games back the way they belong on Grammy will get you in your sleep!"  Plus, there is room in the front to stack the towel when the kids aren't there.  Normally, I wouldn't want to block a space like that, but my nephew is only three and there once a week.  This way, if he opens the cabinet and sees towels, he won't get into the games.  His toys are kept elsewhere, so hopefully this solution will work!

Ok, now I'm inspired to go get a bit or organizing done in my own home.  What projects have you accomplished or plan on doing before school starts?


Working Out is Working!

A few months ago I started working with a trainer; taking Kettlebell classes three days a week.  My eating habits had gone a bit downhill a few months prior and, well, I keep having birthdays.  I've always heard it would get harder to keep excess weigh off; I was officially at that part of my life, and getting back into shape before it became even harder was suddenly a priority.

Debbie, my trainer, held a competition.  I added three more days a week of cardio and a high protein meal plan.  Eight weeks later I am proud to say I lost 14 pounds and 9 inches!  Woohoo!

Wanna see the proof?  Check out my before and after:
The after shorts didn't even go on before!  

Now that I am on vacation and not going to my class, I have decided to try running.  I have always protested running, but it seemed to be necessary to continue my success.  My goal is only to get to being able to run 20 minutes, that's it!  Week one is down (3 minutes walking, 1 minute running, 5 times total).  This week I have moved to 2 minutes walking, 1 minute ruining (7 times).

I can't say I like running, but it seems to be an effective workout.  Advice is welcome, wish me luck!


S'mores Graduation Treats

This post is being updated and moved to the new Domestic Deadline, come on over and watch for it there!


40 bags side tracked

Last week I set out to spend a few hours reorganizing the pantry....... Which turned into a major overhaul! I had a great working pantry.... Then the kitchen remodel started and the plan was to move the pantry from the top of the basement stairs to the actual kitchen, that's when things went down hill.... Fast!

So, while a few bags of expired food has left and another was donated, it still isn't finished. Here is what I started with:


Day 2, No Bags Just a Little Organizing

Day two of the challenge didn't go as I'd planned. Well, Tasha's class party went pretty well, but I managed to run over a squirrel, crack my crock pot and "break" my son's feelings a few times (ok, that last one doesn't really bother me). So, we ordered Chinese for dinner and I stayed away from everyone!

But, I did manage to organize one thing that was in need.... My vitamins. Sounds a little silly, but I haven't taken vitamins daily since September. I have found I do feel better and have more energy when I take them regularly, and since winter is always so hard for me, the ten minutes I spent getting them ready for the next week, and hopefully getting myself back into the habit is pretty valuable.

There is no before picture since I had to go around the house and find where I had stashed things. But now it is all together and my little Tupperware containers are ready with purple for the morning and pink or white for the evening. I found using these was so helpful in the past because O-man can't open them and if I can't take a dose or two at home, it's just one little reusable bin to grab when I head out the door.

I took my vitamins is morning and actually felt motivated to do a 15 minute workout! It's been quite a while since I have done that too actually. Costco shopping, fridge and pantries are on tap for this weekend, wish me luck.

What are you working on?

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